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There is nothing that we love more than making kids happy! What better way to do that than with the perfect face paint. A gorgeous face paint design they will adore.

Our experience is most vital in simplifying designs when working with little wrigglers. Speeding up the process because we know how important it is  for them to walk away happy.  We also love to paint more grown up designs on teens and adults who know specifically what they want. Designs are constantly changing ensuring we keep up with the latest trends.




There are two types of Temporary Ink Tattoos available:
One Week Instant Tattoo - These are hand-inked on with FDA approved blue-black body ink and last on the skin for days! Perfect for group events such as corporate parties, teen and adult birthdays and hens nights.

Semi-permanent Tattoo -  These don't show up immediately as they take 12-48 hours for the blue-black stain to develop into the skin (just like how a henna tattoo works). The formula is organic and naturally derived from a fruit that has been used in Amazonian tribes for hundreds of years. The tattoos look natural, super-realistic and last about 2 weeks.


We carry a large range of glitter tattoo designs designs to suit the little ones as well as the teens. Only cosmetic grade skin safe glue and glitter are used on the skin.

Children love to customise their own glitter colour combinations to their liking. Best of all - Glitter Tattoos are like body jewellery which they get to wear for up to 5 days!



Children love balloons! We take pride in creating our balloon sculptures. They are reasonably quick to make and offer additional value to your event.


Body Painting can add so much excitement and originality to your next event. We work with you to create a character that is unique and tailored to your requirements.


We also offer a photography service! It is the perfect way to capture all the details of your event professionally, for memories that will be treasured for years to come.

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