Hiring a great face painter is worth every penny when you consider the smiles and memories made.

You have spent time organising your event and would like to book the best person for the job. Somebody who engages with the children and will give them something that they will love. Here are some suggestions to ensure you find the right person.

  1. Social media and website. Do they have a website and social media accounts? This will tell you whether they are still active and current. Artists that seem passionate and enthusiastic in posting their work are the ones to consider. Read some of the comments and this will give you an insight into your face painter’s personality.
  2. Style of work. Does their work look professional, colourful and varied? Do you like what you see? Not everyone wants a rainbow face paint so your artist should have a variety of work pictured, indicating they have a broad repertoire of designs to offer your guests.
  3. Testimonials and reviews. It can be difficult for small businesses to receive positive reviews so each one should be highly regarded. Take some time to go through them and discover for yourself what others think of their services.
  4. Insurance and Working With Children Check. Holding current Public Liability Insurance and WWC are standard in the industry so feel free to ask for copies.
  5. Get in touch! Your artist should have an online form you can submit with your requirements. Making a phone call is also a good option. Be sure to ask other questions in addition to price. Please be patient if contacting them over the weekend as they are usually very busy commuting from one job to the next.
  6. You get what you pay for. The standard rate in the industry for a professional is upward of $100 per hour, usually with a minimum of 2 hours. Your artist should have the skills to be personable and produce high quality work whilst distracted.


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